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The upcoming new project: theBlueprints

this is a short video excerpt from my new project named 'theBlueprints'. it is only the beginning of a long term '(liquid) architectural' project which the formless abstract binary codes of sound/visual synthesis become architectural structures to grow into the cities like horrendous ultra violent viruses...

contact me if you wish to get more information

______________________________________september 2012, jae ho youn

03 Five Demo Tracks

computer music tracks programmed then encoded into MP3 format: April 2012

02 Noise + Dance Improvisation

video documentations of rehearsal and pictures of the show: with Kana Tanaka, december 2012

01 Eight Drawings: Reification studies

studio drawings on paper: march 2010

00 Seven Structures

the documentations (video/picture/text) on the selected installation works during 2008-2012