The Rehearsal: Music for the performance of S.Klemm

live at ARCADIA MISSA, London, 27TH JANUARY 2012

Sebastian Klemm LIVE WITH: Tom Barnett, Boldizsar Csernak-Risko, Kathleen Downie, Bruno Innocenti, Caroline Intrup, Alexandra Jasper, Gabriele Anna Lesch, Joe O’Miller, Samara Scott, Madeleine Rosa Mary Shrimpton, Jae Ho Youn

associative text/graphic contributions BY: Emilie Coutant, Rebecka Domig, Johannes Einfalt, Caroline Intrup, Michael Kargl, Martha King, ARCADIA_MISSA, Jennifer Rainsford, Jonathan Trayner, Cana Yilmaz

“theRehearsal” is based on the dialogue, creative exchange and interaction of all joined artists and contributors. Their multitude and polychromatic attitudes evolve the final character of this Performance.Opera that celebrates all manmade creations as bridge building and communication among man´s individual self-awareness and a global, shared ecology.

With the assistance of:
Al´s Tree Surgery, Arcadia_Missa, Found Inc. Peckham, Neumann&Müller GmbH & Co. KG, TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH

Further information:

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