Against All That Was: New Live Set

17th January 2014 @ Baumgart/Pacek akademicka w budowie
ul. Filtrowa 83 ( wejście od akademickiej ), 02-057 Warszawa

Warsaw based South Korean composer/artist Jae Ho Youn will be presenting his newly developed real time sonic composition system in an half hour concert format.

The system mainly deals with machine-listening, complex audio/control signal routing, high level data mapping, and various wave shaping techniques using computer. Instead of aligning and layering musical ‘events’ on linear fashion or repetition process (Reich), or based on arbitrary random process (Cage), Jae Ho Youn is working on ’cause and effect’ mechanism to implement on compositional practice. He is especially inspired by Buddhist notion of causality (pratityasamutpada): everything arises in dependence upon multiple causes and conditions; nothing exists as a singular, independent entity.*

Such system, at least the 1st version has been developed using computer programming & DSP* technique, allowing Jae Ho Youn to write various ‘units’ that generates events depending on its parameters actively communicating with other units. Everything modifies everything in such environment, and as the complexity grows, the result would be highly unpredictable.

Jae Ho Youn will take the risk of trying out such system for the very first public presentation of this on-going project. He’s expecting to develop the whole environment further enough that it becomes ‘self-sustainable’.

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