Live in Poland: Live Set Recording

Since I moved to Warsaw, Poland, my main activity has been playing so-called ‘noise’ concerts, as a solo musician. Lucky enough, and thanks to many people, I could manage to play mostly in prestigious venues including legendary club Mozg or National Galleries…etc.

Usually I was uploading loads of ‘liveset recordings’, after played in one of those venues but I find it too messy and there were too much informations without concrete needs. So, here I selected probably not ‘the best’ but the one which can resume all those past sets. Please enjoy.

The list of solo concerts in Poland ’till now:

–August 2013@Club Mozg::the festival Letnie Pranie Mozgu 2013, Bydgoszcz

–November 2013@Galeria Labyrint::with Sergio Millan on Live Visual, Lublin

–November 2013@Club Mozg::The Mozg Festival 2014::with Sergio Millan on Live Visual, Bydgoszcz

–December 2013@Club Mozg::New Year’s Party, Bydgoszcz

–January 2014@Cafe Akademicka, Against All That Was::concert/presentation, Warsaw

–March 2014@Krolikarnia::Zbigniew Karkowski Tribute, Warsaw

–April 2014@Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

(please contact me if you need more informations/recordings on a specific venues listed above)


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