the Line

For sure, Sound and Music are two different things. There’s this legendary story of Beethoven still continues to compose during the period he went nearly deaf. It’s not surprising at all when we start to understand the nature of what we call “Music”. Often, music has nothing to do with sound in a way that watching porno doesn’t mean having sex.
I almost want to say Sound includes Music, but even that is not true. Music can exist without any audible facts. A music score, is still a music. Music is a set of rules, just like mathematics. (and in a way of mathematics) Numbers are abstract matters, but sound is concrete physical phenomenon of vibrating airs. I can do Music with non audibles and I can do Sound with everything, include Music. I can compose a piece of Music with five numbers: 1,4,8,18,and 23.


There’s very complex mathematical rules applied in above
numbers, and when you find out that rules, then you can see the music that resembles much Charlie Mingus.
No, it’s a joke. I’m not able to prove how it’s done (and I
don’t know anything about Mingus’ Music), but I feel that
it’s like that.

-Excerpt from the essay “The Circle”

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