The Paperwork: Spatial Composition/Performance with Audrey Martin

With Audrey Martin

[2008::Strasbourg, France, ESAD & 2012::Exhibition/Performance at Maison des Arts de Malakoff, Paris, France]

accroding to ISO 216
life is totally meaningless

do only to undo
create only to destory
live only to die
and repeat

subliminal white
shine on my face
when I die into
millions of death
multiplied and put on the walls
forming a giant pattern of

With a friend, we had an opportunity to have 60 square meters artist studio for 3 days. We decided to work on the fact that we have the studio. We took a picture of indoor space of a studio, photocopied the image a thousand times, then we started to take pictures at the same angle we took the picture to photocopy it while we were putting the thousand A4 sheets on the walls. It took the whole day. The second day, we started to remove the photocopies from the walls, and destroy them one by one using hand-manipulated shredding machine. It was very laborious, long process and it took more than a whole day. The last day, we could finish the destroying process and we put together the shredded paper pieces in the middle of the studio then we took a picture of it. We left the studio at the end and we had to clean up the shredded papers. Nothing left in the studio and we enjoyed the fact that we spent 3 days “meaninglessly”. So we naturally decided to call this experience as the “paperwork”. I made a little video with pictures and sound recordings taken from those 3 days and presented it to people as an art installation.

A few years later, we had another opportuinity to show this work, this time, the part of ‘meaningless’ process as a art performance. In the opening day of group exhibition, we reproduced the process ‘in live’, and the result remained as an installation during the exhibition time.

paperwork from Jae Ho Youn on Vimeo.

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