Alem’s Mirror (after the short story “Dying in Münster”): Spatio-Temporal Composition

[2010::Galeri O.T. Braunschweig, Germany]

He had his own mirror.
The world is filled with mirrors.
What happens when one places a mirror facing to another mirror?

By connecting the outputs of both video camera and video projector to their inputs, I could make continuous feedback tone that subtly reacts to the environmental sounds in the space (it was very subtle while camera’s microphone and projector’s built-in mono speaker were both, quite thankfully, “bad quality”), and I could also generate the projected visuals function like recursive mirrors. The work is entitled curiously “Alem’s Mirror” because at the time I was writing a short story on a person who’s name is “Alem” and who was able to reflect himself on his own internal mirror rather than being a normal social being who identifies him/herself by relating the self to external environments. The installation embodies the entire space of gallery as the psychological state of such a strange being. This time, the audiences are walking into the artwork itself and make their experiences like it or not, as long as they are staying inside. Most of audiences found themselves with themselves multiplying on the walls, and they didn’t hesitate to play with themselves, or image of themselves. With somehow very irritating feedback sounds that subtly react to audiences’ presence continuing its ever-sustainning resonance in the space, and with the slightly, maybe a few frames slowed down projection on one of the walls, audiences could feel like they were in a different temporal situation.

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