Igloo: a structure (moving)

[2010::Braunschweig, Germany]

the device is turning
extending itself over
N dimesions

eternally thin layers
of illuminating skin

betwixt and between
the device is turning

at the moment of

permanently ephemeral

I wanted to realize a “sculpture” which can complete its form only in movement. And that movement, of course, should be the circular one and just like every movements in this physical world we live in, it makes sounds. I made a steel bar that forms a quarter circle and attached it to the motor. The structure in circular movement generated a half-sphere form not by means of optical illusion but by audiences’ participatory imaginations. I attached a sharp pick at the end of the steel structure to scratch the ground so that the pick functions as a turntable’s needle. This “needle” generated yet another visual element which is a perfect circle carved out from the ground and it also made the sound that resonated in the square shaped space where I installed [ igloo ].

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